Saturday, May 10, 2014

Live the Dream

Live the Dream

Ever wanted to sail the world?  Or at least sail Europe?  But for various reasons (time, ports are not the same as being in the cultural centers, can't swim etc), you moved on?

Ever consider a motorhome?  It can do 65 to windward no problem.  It will get you up the coast.  It will get you to the interior.  You can load it on a ferry and go from Barcelona to Rome overnight.  But egads, the European motorhomes are 25' if you are lucky.

How about an American motorhome in Europe?

That was our thinking when this all started 2+ years ago.  The natural followup question, can it be done?

Yes, we have been cruising for 9+ months in our 36' 2008 American motorhome w/ our family of 5.  Sure we could have done it in a 25' European model, but some of us might not have survived.  Yes, it's big on the roads.  It will turn heads.  When you get to the less cosmopolitan regions, it will turn every single head.  Random Italians have complimented me on what a lovely motorhome while I was dumping tanks.  Sono pazzo, others have thought.  But we're not crazy.  We're living the dream.

But like all good dreams, one must wake.  And we are going to wake up in July with an RV that needs to ship back to the US.  Or maybe you can pickup our part of the dream and keep going...
Well, the good news is that our 36' 2008 American motohome is currently in Europe, and we're going to be done with our trip of this part of our lifetime in about 3 months.  And naturally we want to sell.

American motorhomes in Europe are not cheap.  Check out convert to dollars and shake your head in amazement.

Without further ado, these are the specifications:
  • 2008 Tiffin Allegro 35QBA FRED Bunkhouse
  • 300 hp Cummins diesel engine
  • Freightliner Chassis
  • Sleeps 4 in actual beds that don't need unfolding or inflating
  • Queen Island bed with side tables
  • 2 single-person bunks
  • Sleeps 6 including the inflatable fold out couch
  • 4 slides for incredible inside living space
  • Inverter
  • Solar Panels
  • Upgraded and expanded batteries
  • Macerator w/ 100ft hose (you will never go back to a regular American setup after using this)
  • Adapters for European water hoses and LPG tank
  • Washing machine.  Yes, really.
  • 3-burner Gas Cooktop
  • Microwave/Convection oven
  • 2 door refrigerator/freezer (gas or electric)
  • CD/AM/FM radio with headphone jack for iPhone/Android device
  • Backup camera in back and sides
  • Automatic self-leveling jacks
  • Automatic snow chains (flick a switch and keep on going to the skiing!)
  • Real standup shower with glass doors and switch to turn off the water.  Better than 90% of the camp showers I've used.  This is the thing that sold me on this model.  I like a good shower.
  • New blinds (I hated those nasty "folding" blinds -- these roll down straight)
  • New LED bulbs for most of coach (a very few could not be sourced)
  • Hot water heater with both gas and electric
  • 220v power converter
  • Flat screen TV w/ worldwide DVD player
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Laser Printer/Scanner (we removed the 20" cathode ray tube TV to put this in, awesome upgrade!)
  • US/European Garmin GPS w/ Truck routing and Bluetooth
  • Emergency catalytic heater for if either of the 2 forced air heaters fail (or if you want to save money)
  • Camp stove piped to big tank
  • 5kw diesel generator
  • Bedding and various other housewares if you want it.  Or we'll just give it away.  Camp chairs  & table as well.

It has not been imported to anywhere in Europe, and is still registered in California.  So, that may or may not need to happen depending on the buyer.  And I have owned it for over 1 year which likely gets some break vis a vis import taxes.

Based on what I've seen, a purchase for 60k GBP or 74k Euros would make both of us happy (one dealer is offering the same, but gas powered model for 90k GBP --, but frankly what I most want is a guaranteed handoff somewhere between Switzerland, Sweden and the UK in or before early July.  So, make an offer. is the place to reach me.

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