Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Experience is all attitude. So when the Prius broke down in New Mexico today, I broke out the sparkling apple cider. No point in keeping this any longer. Let's celebrate the wins:
  1. It's day 4 and we're all still alive! Sure, things are breaking down around our ears but we've crossed 2 1/2 states and 5 out of the 6 of us remain unharmed. Unlucky Molly lost a nail on day 2 but she quickly rebounded with her "can do" attitude. 
  2. We have a second vehicle that still runs. Yes, as of this morning, it's held together by vice grips and pvc pipe, architected by my clever engineer husband, but the engine and most of the house systems are all quite operational. 
  3. I had the foresight to upgrade the AAA membership to Premium in April. This covered the 170 mile tow to the nearest Toyota dealership in Amarillo, TX, leaving a bank of 30 miles for other incidents. 
  4. We got to use the emergency triangles! How often does one carry safety aids in the trunk of the car never to employ them? I felt good about that investment today. I'm also feeling pretty optimistic about the two reflective vests laying idle in the trunk; I think those will have a future on this trip. 
  5. The Prius has a brand new set of tires which is a relief knowing that something on that vehicle is in good working order. 
  6. I insisted on having the Prius detailed before we left California. Like the wise rule of thumb to always start the day with clean underwear, I take comfort knowing that my squeaky clean Prius will pass any intimate inspection once it arrives into the emergency service area at the Toyota dealership. The parts may not work, but she'll look good. 
  7. Despite entrusting the towing to "Bozo's Garage and Wrecker Service", the car arrived in Amarillo no worse for wear. 
  8. Tomorrow's another day. Maybe the 4 warning indicators and "do not operate vehicle under any circumstance" message will turn out to be a minor $49 fix. I'm feeling good about tomorrow.

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