Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It has become abundantly clear that we will be living in Landshark for a year+ as of this time next week.  Packing up the house means boxes everywhere.  We've sequestered part of the house for "stuff to load into Landshark" because Landshark is still in the shop.  Issues with the rear passenger slide (the massive one which holds the bunks w/ the boys as well as our only closets and dresser)...  My last day of work is Friday.  Martha's is next Monday (day before the movers/storers arrive?).  The checklist of stuff continues to get longer as we realize things, but much of it has been knocked off.  And the new things are getting smaller and smaller.

But as that stress also builds up, I also am sharing my plans with more people.  Since my employer has been informed, I no longer need to hold this information close.  And the support (and envy) around me is astounding.  Many of the same questions are asked, but every person has a new angle.  Something I haven't thought of.  People I may want to see.  Sites to visit.  It is edifying and rewarding to be sharing this new adventure with others.  It is like working on a startup, but instead of a startup, it's about working on my family and my family life.  It is something that matters personally.  And I love it.

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