Friday, August 7, 2009

Break in Brantford continues

Our break from being on the road continues in Brantford, ON with a visit to Martha's mother. The bountiful access to TV and internet is a crowd pleaser as is Mrs. S's wonderful cooking. We have not eaten so well in some time. Yesterday's activities included a visit to a friend in Hamilton (where the Phoenix Coyotes will go if the RIM head has his way) and the Ontario Science Center.

The house in Hamilton was great fun having been built in the early 1900's and with all sorts of interesting renovation ideas over the years. Ruth and Russ are working towards returning the house to its updated glory. I found it very interesting trying to figure out what walls were where originally, and what the flow was like. Forensic architecture. Not unlike inheriting a long misunderstood code base. Fun.

The Ontario Science Center was our best visit yet. Previously the place has always been great, but the crowds plentiful. Yesterday, we arrived at nearly 4p to more people leaving the museum than arriving. I can only assume that most did not know that the museum is open until 8p on Thursdays, and they were rightly terrified of the Toronto traffic. In any case, they had a fun exhibit on snakes and lizards as well as "the tools of spys." I really enjoyed the last one as it had lots of puzzles and forks in the activities as one attempted to infiltrate an enemy corporation. So one could go through the exhibit a few times and discover something new. The biggest hit with the kids was a rock band studio where people could grab fake guitars, pick current music to blare out and control the lights while everyone watches on a TV. Our budding rock star, Sarah, very much enjoyed this.

The ride back was uneventful and long even after departing Toronto past 8p. We complain of traffic frequently in the Bay Area, but it is nothing compared to Toronto. No matter the hour, I have always hit at least one slowdown. At least with the traffic sensitive GPS, one can accurately project how long it will take.

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