Monday, August 3, 2009

Return to civilization/the internet

We arrived into Brantford, ON late to see the fairly shocked face of my mother in law, Marilyn. I'm still a little shocked at the size of Landshark relative to a neighborhood which I have walked around extensively. One gets used to thinking of Landshark as small relative to all of the other motorhomes, 5th wheels, trailers and so on in your average RV Park. However, driving around a neighborhood which allows parking on only one side of the street is an adventure...

We had a great night sleep, all became re-addicted to screens of various types (internet & Canadas version of the Cartoon Network) and finally pulled ourselves away for a bike ride up the Grand River and time in a playground. Tomorrow we're thinking the Toronto Museum of Science, Wednesday is likely Canada's Wonderland for the boys and Golf/Haircuts for the girls. Thursday and beyond are still TBD. We leave for Cedar Point Saturday or Sunday. That too is TBD. It's nice having options.

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