Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wave pools actually can be realistic

One of the things that has always bugged me about wave pools is out unrealistic they are. I've been to the ocean many times, but I've never seen nonstop waves like the the average wave pool. I've been to the Indiana Dunes many times, and the waves occasionally rise a half inch.

I was wrong.

Evidently Port Dover, Ontario has waves just like they make in the wave pools. True, we had a 30 knot wind coming directly over the narrow part of Lake Erie which shoals rapidly and then has a long run into shore. Even so, I was amazed to see 1-2 ft waves pounding the shore ever second or two. Fortunately I have a picture. Or more accurately, Martha took a picture, and I am sharing it.

Apart from that observation, we had a great time at Port Dover. There is something about sand, waves and kids that just gets everyone going. And that night, everyone slept well. Victory.

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