Monday, August 26, 2013

A little housekeeping...

After some thought, discussion and experimentation, there are a few changes to the blog.
  1. The kids now have their own blog.  We love what they have to say, but it does make the narrative of reading a blog a little difficult to follow.  Martha and I are challenging enough to split between (see below on how to do so).  As I'm sure you will want to follow their blog, please point your browser to:  
  2. The blog should be somewhat easier to follow.  I've added a widget where you can enter your email address and it will send you a daily digest of the blog.  Daily entries may be more than Martha or I can promise, but if we do post several entries in a single day (dream on!), you'll get no more than 1 email.  You can also subscribe to landsharkatraz the same way.  Commenting still seems to require a Google+ subscription.  So annoying.
  3. Easier to browse.  The most popular blogs now will be showcased.  Only the most popular in the last 30 days.  Otherwise, the one from 2009 mentioning the Indiana Sand Dunes will inexplicably jump to the top.  SEO does such very weird things.  Also, we will endeavor to tag our posts with the author, so if you click on the label (also with a section on the right), you will only see that author's posts.  
  4. Easier to share.  Not sure why you would want to share it, but what the heck.  If you want to share a blogpost, I've added some links to the usual locations.

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  1. Thanks for making all of the great changes!!! Love to all, Mary