Sunday, August 25, 2013


I may have blamed my delay in posting on driving the RV all the time, but as time goes on, I think I need to blame it on just being too busy.  The fact is, between planning travels for a day, doing the travels for the day, dealing with breakfast/lunch/dinner and miscellaneous work around the apartment/RV, it's awfully hard to take a few moments to post on what is up.

I've been heard to say that "when we're in the RV it'll be better" but I'm not really sure that will inevitably be the case.  We stayed for days in Red Bay and I didn't manage a single post.  We spent 2 weeks in DC, and I managed only a really quick post about our travels from Red Bay to DC.  Tomorrow is our 1 week "anniversary" in London, and still nothing even on DC, much less London.  Shouldn't being in hotels or an apartment be easier than an RV?  Yet, so little writing.

I once heard that Stephen King's secret is writing every day.  No matter what.  Write something.  Ditto for Piers Anthony.  In his authors notes (now my favorite part of his books), he points out that he writes even if what he writes is junk -- on his second and third revisions he sometimes purifies random nuggets into base metals.

Thinking further, writing every day is the secret to email's effectiveness/insidiousness.  Every day/hour/minute/second, there's a new email inevitably with some action -- to write.  And that writing so often creates some level of obligation for someone else to email.  Repeat.  Ad infinitum.

But blogging lacks that interactivity/imperative.  That implied obligation to respond with a few words or longer is not there with a blog.  No dialectical call to respond for me.  Nothing compels me to blog about a day other than my own will power.  And after a long day, it's hard to find it.  And at the fresh start of a new day, my mind is turned to the future day rather than reflections on the past.

If it cannot get more difficult to feel inspired to write, there is the fact that a blog is published.  It's public for all to see.  OK.  Admittedly, there aren't that many of you out there seeing it, but still, I feel that I have to write, edit and hopefully have something entertaining (and not too embarrassing) before clicking that orange "publish" button.  And that adds a level of paralysis a priori to putting fingers to keyboard.

But I know that somehow I must write.  The few writings I have done through the years are not brilliant, but they hold the thoughts and reflections of a me that I have long forgotten.  And this year is not one I will ever be able to truly replay.  The other 42 prior to this also cannot be easily replayed, but I was not so aware of their significance.  This year is about my family and our adventure together.  And while I want to live it to its fullest by being in the moment, I also want to be able to cherish it in some future moment.  And to not forget.

And so, I must write.


  1. yup. writing regularly is hard... like exercising regularly, it's a habit. Admittedly, my recent trip was only six weeks, not a whole year, but I decided to post every day before we left. I went for quantity over quality for the very reason you cite, I knew the trip would fly by and I wanted to capture the precious gift of time we'd given ourselves to reread and enjoy for a long time. Some days, I really just wanted to sleep, but I forced myself. What helped me get over the notion that I had to write something entertaining was thinking of it more as a journal that I was writing for myself to read later -- I just happened to be sharing it with whomever wanted to read it, too. Pictures help, too. :-)

    You have interesting things to say, Vince, and your friends care. I hope you start writing more soon.

    Enjoy the time!

    1. Thanks for the insight, Dan. I think doing it in the morning is definitely the best bet. And since I am a morning person (it's rare for me to sleep past 7a), and I don't want to wake everyone up making coffee, etc., working on a blog in the morning is probably the best way to go.

      Now to get over the hurdle of carrying the camera and uploading photos!

  2. Ok, I just figured out that I wasn't subscribed so why I didn't get alerted of new blogs ... duh. Also, realized that if you type in comments while not logged it then it will accept them but not publish them :-)

    So I'm all set up and caught up in reading. Paul is hilarious! Looking forward to the next one, whoever it comes from (is Molly blogging too?).


    1. Paul definitely has his voice down. James has been journaling and is similarly hilarious, but he doesn't want to post it to the blog. I'm hoping that a kids-only blog will help get him over that hurdle.