Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I can drive 55

On a whim, we decided to drop our speed to 55 & see what happened to our mileage. Holy Doodle! Mileage jumped from a very consistent 8.2MPG to 10.1MPG. Or in other words, we just cut the cost of travel on this shindig by 20% at a cost in time of 30 minutes/day. Very much worth it. I just feel bad for everyone passing us.

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  1. I guess Sammy H. wasn't driving Land Shark. :-)

    I just starting using this cool iPhone app, Gas Bag Pro ( that not only locates cheap gas, it also has a "log book" feature for tracking milage and efficiency. I just started using it, but I've learned that our "around town" driving in the Sienna gets about 18 mpg. (We got 20 averaged across our road trip earlier this month and is about what we achieve on our longer trip last year as well).