Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tommorow, we think, is our day of departure

After seemingly endless hours of cleaning the house and readying for our trip, we believe that tomorrow is the big day for our departure. Key steps taken (IMHO) are setting up 60 hours of books on iPod including the full Lord of the Rings, the Harper series of Pern and Cheaper by the Dozen. Oh, and setting up this blog. We also have two books on homeschooling as well as our Webelos guides. Not that we're planning on homeschooling yet, but they do have lots of good activities for when on the road.

At this point our plans are pretty rough. Head east towards Kansas City where we get to our first Cedar Fair park east of Palm Springs. We have Cedar Fair Platinum passes which entitle us to get into any Cedar Fair park for free. On the agenda are 5 parks and several key roller coasters including The Beast, Son of Beast, Backwards Racer, The Behemoth and so on. We'll probably hit a few national parks like Zion, Bryce and perhaps Yellowstone. We also sprung for that annual pass.

How are we going to all these places? In our beloved LandShark. A Winnebago 31c Minnie. In a pinch it will sleep 8, which is about right for the 5 of us considering that all the kids recently have decided it is their God-given right to sleep alone in a double converted dinette. We've taken 2 one week long vacations thus far, have boondocked a couple of night (no hookups) and we're psychologically ready (soft of). The only downside is that our new "ND SHARK" license plates have not arrived. Though we do have our "I *heart* LA" bumpersticker ready to be stuck in front of the license plates when they do arrive.


  1. wow! can't wait to hear all about your adventures. let me know if there's anything we can do to help out while you guys are away.

  2. Cool! I'm envious. Sounds like you're going to have a great trip. Hey, I'm curious... Where do you store Land Shark when he (she??) isn't on an adventure with you? I've seen your driveway and know that you must keep Land Shark docked somewhere else. :-)

  3. At the mechanics so far as there was alot of non-critical for around the town, but critical for a 5k+ mile adventure deferred maintenance. The eventual plan is in our driveway.