Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time travel

I've either been w/o time to post for a while, or without wifi. Either way, I haven't been able to post. So, this will address a few days back...

The ride across Nevada was unsurprisingly lonely, but surprisingly green. No, I did not drop off any passengers prematurely (though the thought has crossed my mind), we drove down US-50 "The Loneliest Highway in America" The first 20 miles were plenty busy, but after that, one could look for 10 miles and not see a car. And it was quite beautiful & green. Somehow I always assumed that Nevada was a wasteland and Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City did nothing to indicate otherwise. However, once one was in the middle of the state, it was certainly greener than the mountains all around SV and anywhere in the Central Valley which is not actively irrigated.

After a fairly long day and strong levels of frustration evidenced by one and all, we stayed outside Ely, not quite hitting our target of Great Basin National Park. It was a Koa, unfortunately sans swimming pool. However, it did allow us all some time to unwind from two days on the road before sundown. Then the next day we were able to get into Great Basin NP early and boondock. We checked out Lehman Caves and at night looked at the Milky Way. I also tried picking up the guitar for the first time in about 5 years. My fingers are still aching.

On the electronics front, we've so far gone through DragonSong by Anne McCaffery, Cheaper by the Dozen by whoever wrote that and have started on The Hobbit today. We seem to be doing 2/3 of an audio book/day of travel. By the end we will cover quite alot of audio books.

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