Saturday, July 25, 2009

Utah has the most amazing landscape. When we first entered, it looked completely boring, but as the miles ticked off, the sites grew more and more amazing. It was also fun to be a passenger for the first time as well as score a nap during the drive!

At some point, Martha told Paul about the Richard Spindler rule to good travel photographs--getting people to raise their arms. So now Paul has taken on the habit of getting me to take a shot of him by running ahead to some senic vista, and then raising one or more arms. And of course I take a picture. The funny thing is that when I look through the pictures of the day, all the ones with him and his arms raised are the best ones! I think Richard is on to something.

These shots are of Canyonlands national park. When I get a little more time with GIMP, I'll have some shots of Arches (yesterday) and today's trip to Mesa Verde. Tomorrow we leave in the wee hours to hopefully get in both Great Sand Dunes and spend the night in Dodge City, KS. Hopefully I can get Martha to drive so I can catch up.

There were not alot of people signing up for 100+ degree weather in the desert, so the view from our campground was outstanding.

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  1. Nice pictures. Looks like you're having fun.

    How are you using GIMP? [since you've mentioned it a few times now...] It's a pretty good, free utility and I could see using it for cropping and color/exposure adjustments or rescaling lacking something else. But, it would never occur to me to use it to manage large amounts of photos from a trip.

    Picasa (the client program) or iPhoto are pretty good for that.

    When I was doing it, I'd suck in all the photos with Picasa or iPhoto, pick the good ones, upload them in bulk to Picasaweb and then do most of the authoring in plain text and just embed the sharing code, selecting the size of the thumbnail I wanted to include in the blog text.